The Letter

I cried when Angelica and Anne Curtis talked about their Dad in KrisTV, I just can’t help it because my Dad passed away since I was 9 years and maybe if only he’s here, I would give him the best gift I could ever give him. But if I would write a letter right now to him in heaven, it could be like this:

Hi Papa, how are you there in heaven? I know it has been like how many years that you were taken from us but you know what Papa I still missed you though. Especially if I could watch Dad and daughter bonding in the TV or even at the park, malls and etc. I always wished that you were here Papa, so you could see your granddaughters; you know what papa, and they are all growing up now. Mj likes swimming, she looks like me and I guess she looks like you too because they always said I always like you mostly the eyes. Faith, she is more like me in character, the being stubborn, very adventurous and all that. Do you still remember Papa that I was lost when I was a little because I always want to go to places that I didn’t go before? And when I got back to the market, Mama is not there anymore. I know you both were worried but thank GOD a police came to help me. I could still remember Papa when you tell your friends about me, you would tell them that I am the brightest daughter you ever have. You would always wave goodbye to me when you go to work, and even you are not feeling well, you still would fetch me from school. And when I got sick, when my sisters were too tired to prepare my foods, you were the one who got up from bed so I could eat.  When you got sick and you want me to fan you because you feel like it is too hot and we didn’t had electric fan to used. You told me, I have to be a little patient because when you get your strength back, you would surely buy an electric fan so I don’t have to use fan for you to feel comfortable. But you were not able to get your strength back, the least I could remember is that, I called and shouted your name while I was eating my dinner  because you were there in the ICU struggling for your life. At nighttime, I learned from my sister that you are already gone. I love you so much Papa, and I missed you very much. Thank you for taking care of me when I was just a kid. 

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  1. The post is very emotional and i am really toched by the way you've said each word for your father. He is no more with you but thats nice to hear you still remember every single thing he has done for you. All parents are like that and we miss their love when they are not with us. And i am sure your father must've heard what you wanted to say in this post.

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