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Engine Dies On Me

It started just this week just right after I have my aircon repair. The clutch seems having trouble releasing from being pressed. And no matter how I pressed it really hard, the engine would not work and it will just died on me. Yesterday it happens like how many times while on the road, I asked about our coach about it and he said that their might be leaking or the cable should be replaced. He suggested a repair shop nearby so after I sent Mj to her kumon, I went to the Shell service center in Ecoland, I told them about my car’s problem then later they checked the clutch, and my coach was right because it really has a leaked. They checked again what parts should I buy and replace it is the repair kit. They took it as a sample and immediately I took a taxicab to look for it, after like 3 auto parts supply I went to, finally I found one in Uyanguren. It only costs 150.00 but my fare cost more than that sigh! The labor was only 200.00, I also bought a coolant for the aircon, hence, I damaged like P450.00. I would surely go back then like next week for the change oil, I hope the clutch will not act like that anymore. It is still heavy though but at least the engine won’t die on me at all.

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