Maybe I am just too paranoid of this intruder because I was dreaming of it for so many times in one night. This intruder already victimized our neighbor; he took cellphones, money, and digicam. The family was sleeping in the living room, and since they were all girls and too afraid, they just pretended they were just sleeping but they saw him. They said that he just used a pin to open the doorknob then he went inside. 
The other night, I was dreaming that somebody climbed up to our gate and went inside. Then later I dreamed again that somebody already in our living room just waiting for us to open our bedroom since we really have to go out at dawn to go to the bathroom, I always woke my daughter’s up for nature’s call and so she could do her thing as well. I know I am just paranoid, I have 3 locks both of our doors, living room and the back door thus it is impossible for the intruder to get inside and he would do something on our window grill it will took him time to cut it out, and or maybe if he is successful enough for that, I already called somebody to rescue us since our phone, cellphones and computer is in our bedroom but on the other note, it is better to have this alarm in your house that when someone is trying to get inside, the sounds would took off. 

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