I Miss Her

I miss my dear friend Cheryl, I had been texting her to meet me up but she is too busy with her work and her day offs were my family time with my kids but I hope to see her on Monday since Mj will be having an exam at school and so I will just have to exchange her worksheets in Kumon both Math and English. It was Cheryl’s birthday last Saturday, she invited me but we were in Marbel at that time for my daughter’s competition so I just messaged her my greetings. It has been a while since we’ve seen each other, but she has work she needs to attend to every night, she works as a call center agent again and I am really tempting to apply at the company she works for, it is not because I miss my friend’s company but because I really want to have extra earnings for some purposes. 
This was at my house, we’re having a little wine here LOL

5 thoughts on “I Miss Her

  1. I am hoping that you would meet your friend this monday..thanks for sharing your feelings with us and i am sure if someone call his/her mate with heart,Then God starts His work to fulfill that wish..

  2. The picture telling that you both had very nice time together and now you want to live that moments again..

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