I Did Not Text Her

I was not able to text my friend, I decided not to because I feel like I really have to send Mj to Kumon today. And my instinct was right because today is her schedule for achievement test in English and I didn’t know that until I fetch her from Kumon tonight. She told me she got 92 out of 100 but I don’t know yet if she is again included for students who would get the advance level, oh well on the second thought I guess not though because this is her second time this month, she got too many corrections when she took the test last week. 
On the other note, after I sent her to Kumon, I hurriedly drove to Pag ibig to pay my insurance bill. I thought I could not arrive on time, since when we arrived in Kumon it was already 4:30 p.m., and the insurance company is too far yet from where the Kumon is situated. I knew some shortcuts but I was not sure if the road is clear, yet even so, I was able to arrive on time. It was 4:55 p.m., on their clock when I went inside the establishment. 

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  1. When we got engaged in our daily life then we forget about the outer world and about our friends.When some time has been spent,we again remind our belovers and try to communicate with them but still we donot have enought time..Is In it..

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