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Niche Blogs and Another Repair Day

Before anything else, let me invite you to take a peep in my food and travel blogs. I was put to general category before but I realized that it would be better to have a niche to some of my blogs. Do you mind to visit my Points of View Of Travels and Places and Sahm’s Food Diary, a note to my healthy lifestyle
And So I went out today to attend mass in Shrine while I have my car wash nearby. When I went back to get the car, it was all so clean and so shiny. I drove to downtown to pay my electricity bill and I dropped by in the mall to buy my youngest daughter a pizza. In the parking area, I saw something is leaking under my car, I checked it. It looks like water. I open the hood to make sure, what it is; I heard some sounds and smelled something is wasted so I stand by for like a minute. Then right after, I open the hood again to check if that weird sounds was still there and that strong smell from the engine. It seems already okay so I went inside the mall. When I got back, I check the engine again if it got smoke or something; it doesn’t so I drive home now. But then when I arrived home, I smelled an engine again, when I checked it again. It seems like the engine oil is leaking. Sigh! Good thing I am already home when the car acted up, tomorrow would be another repair day for my car. 

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