I Am Finally Driving Again

After like 2 weeks of having the car in the shop, finally my mechanic finished repairing my A/C. Early this morning, right after I sent Mj to her training. I went out immediately to go to the repair shop to have my car Freon. I was disappointed when he told me that he can’t go with me, and I should Freon the car myself. He told me where to go but I just could not follow the sketch. Good thing, later he decided to drive with us there, they put some Freon and test the car. The aircon works fine now. We also went to vulcanizing shop to have my tire fixed since the right tire was flat. 
I was able to fetch Mj and sent her to Kumon finally driving now. I could not contain my happiness, I was nervous again though since it has been 2 weeks I was not able to practice driving. But I think I am doing perfectly fine now, I can drive smoothly ever than before. I am okay because God will always guide me along the way.

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