I was so surprised yesterday because there’s one who complained of one of our team mates and the complainant is her cousin, her relative or with her own family. I am not sure if she is just so jealous to us because most of our swimmers won or they are just plain losers as what their logo is saying. 
Our issues have been long over due, we even forgot you already but every time we had a competition, you always have a say to us. Oh well, here’s my word for you and to you all, beware of a team or a coach that say’s “Champions win, blah blah blah because their captain himself is nothing but a loser. You will never know he already hooked you big time. 
We were just cheering yesterday and all a sudden we heard something from them that one of our swimmers, swam for his brother, oh GOD! You should open your eyes wide and know the entry as well, so when you say something you will not get embarrassed and then the second one was that, our team mate is already a high school while he is only grade 7 and was 12 years old. Would you mind to go to the official directly and complain to them not to us? And please know that before the swimmers can swim in DCAA, the Dep Ed will give the coach of our unit a clearance. The clearance has been given just before the meet. I don’t know if you are just playing stupid or stupid since then at all, my goodness!!!!!

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