It Is Important Not To Panicked

My friends shared with me their story when they have trouble with their cars. My friend once told me that when she was about to deliver the packages, suddenly her van smoked, she went out of the car and she asked for help. Everyone around her, helped her detached the battery so the fire or smoked won’t get to the battery. 
That was the same thing that happened to me last week, right after I sent Faith to her school. But I was amazed that I did not panicked. When the car started to smoke, which I thought before it was only a smoke of my aircon but I realized it was not. So I parked the car on the side of the street, got the pliers, opened the hood and checks where’s the smoke came from. And since I can’t detached the battery that instant, I asked for help from the tricycle driver and they ran towards me fast to help me with the battery. You see, it is really important not to get nervous or panicked when emergency like this occurs especially when driving in a highway. 
Meanwhile, my car is at the shop, the mechanic said that it was the clutch of the compressor was the culprit. It said there’s a short of wiring the reason why the fuse gets burn. Tomorrow, we will preon it again, I hope I will be able to do all the things I need to tomorrow morning, like sending Mj to the pool and accompany at the same the mechanic for the preon. 

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