Cakes and Pastries

My daughters and I have a sweet tooth. We have a hard walking by a bakery or pasty shop without drooling. Maybe it’s not only because we are girls but also maybe it’s because we just like cakes and pastries. Well, I know my youngest will want chocolate. About a year ago, I enrolled in a pastry course and it was fun. I was able to make some things that I thought I could not. I made a cake that my kids loved. I sometimes thought since I am just staying home, maybe I would be more productive if I would look for Pastry/Baker Chef Jobs, in that way I could help my husband with our expenses here at home. On the second thought, my kids need me more than everything and since I have a part time job, even though it is not that big, it could still help anyway. I am not much into baking, it’s really not part of the Filipino culture but there are very talented bakery and pastry chefs in the Philippines. There is nothing like smelling cookies, bread or cake baking in the oven. It makes my mouth water.

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