Archive for October 26th, 2011

I Am So Back

It has been weeks since I don’t blog much, suddenly my motivation just went down and I could not help it. Even to some task I was delayed but at least I done it just before the deadline. I had a talk with my friend yesterday and she advised me to keep it up whatever I am doing, she told me I am lucky to have this kind of part time job so I should not leave it behind. So guys I am so much back, I am active again in entrecard and adgitizing and I will try my best to update my blog as scheduled. 

Quickly and Expertly

I have writings about RV’s before and how much fun I thought it would be to take the girls on a trip in a recreational vehicle. I have a trip that I would like to take in mind, and one thing I have to consider is what if we have mechanical problems on the way?  Where would I go for affordable rv repairs? Well, when planning a trip of any sort in any kind of vehicle, it is always best to be prepared. I don’t want to spend our vacation time on repairs, but if do need them I want to know where to go and I want it to finish quickly and expertly.