Archive for October 19th, 2011

Dental Appointment This Morning

Mj supposed to have a dental check up on Monday but darn I forgot we had an appointment and I sent her to school on that day. So I called the dentist and told her, we will just postponed it the next day, but Mj was too late to tell me they had a presentation on Tuesday so today I hope the dentist will be available in the morning because Mj will have to attend her class in the afternoon. 

Equestrian Apparel

I never really was interested in riding horses when growing up. I did not know much about them except they were big. But now I am curious about equestrian events and wonder if either of my daughters might take an interest in horseback riding. One thing I have noticed is equestrian apparel. Some of it is very nice and stylish, but practical for riding. I know that if one of my daughters choose this activity, it will be nice to get them the gear and apparel they need to look good in any competition they might enter. Of course we would have to get a horse. But of the kids want to do it, I think I will be able to convince my husband to support their decision.

Sleeping So Early

Since my husband implemented a rule of a 10:00 p.m. sleep, we were obliged to go to the bedroom on that time. And since Mariel has been staying here for 5 days now, she could not do anything else but to follow also the rule because my youngest daughter won’t sleep if she will not sleep or lie down beside her. 
I am so happy that my niece slept early than her usual time, and she is following of our rule here. She is used to sleep too late and I keep on reprimanding her that it will trigger her heart condition. Good thing, since the other night she is sleeping early. 

Best Gift For Dad

My husband asked me to ask my daughter if she wanted to sleep alone in a bedroom or if she wants to share it with her sister. She is fast asleep yet so maybe I will ask that to her later. My husband has been planning ahead of us to be together so whether it is here, I really don’t actually care. All I want is for us to be together for good, and since Christmas is fast approaching and I am thinking what to buy for him, not only me but my daughter as well, she has been asking me what is the best gift for dad. Like me, she has been anticipating this Christmas season because we will be together to celebrate it, as my husband promised. Many malls are already displaying varieties of gifts, Christmas cards and the like, but I still can’t figure out what my husband wants. Or better I would ask him of what he wants, what do you think?