God Bless Us Bloggers

You may notice that I don’t post any pictures of my kids and me that much at all. Oh well, I am scared of this identity theft online. I read it one time that your kid’s name can be used for any thing even she or he was only a baby. Although I am safe with that because I don’t post the complete names of my daughters and me, but I can’t just avoid thinking what if those pictures will be used for any possible threat. I know those pictures can’t be deleted anymore and I really don’t have the plans to delete it here in my blog. 
However I am just posting pictures of them and me, if we were in a group or a picture that is not focus to them at all, like they were in a side view or something like that. At least, it worries me less of whatever threat that would get along the way. 
God forbid for all those threats, he may protect all my blogs and your blogs for anything. God bless us!
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Just Like The Big Loser

I was already certain I would lose weight but geez I can’t help to eat a lot. It has been consecutive two days that I can’t be contented for one cup of rice but two. I know I need to lose weight, I need to get rid off this flabby belly but do you know what is the most effective way to lose weight or should I just join the big loser so I can lose weight a hundred pounds just like the big winner Larry. LOL 
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