Archive for October 2nd, 2011

Too Bad

I was so ready to click my camera at the place we just went to for the kids training but all a sudden it says “memory full” and when I checked for it, the memory card was not there. When I asked my daughter about it, she thinks that we left it at home because the last time she saw it was on the top of our cabinet. Good thing, there’s no much scenes I need to capture so my camera was just inside my bag. There’s one thing though, it was the green trees and the highway on our way home but it was just too bad, thus I just enjoyed myself looking the green surroundings around. I just hope it will never be touched by some developer out there, I mean we already have enough. And the Mother Nature is really taking revenge to all of us now because of what we did to her, so I guess we must need to take aback this time and give Mother Nature a break.