Two Weird Dreams

I just had some weird dreams just this week. First was somebody gave us an ice cream full of varieties of flavors. We do love ice cream and since we can’t finish the whole container, we put it in the fridge but then the person who gave us that ice cream, she gave us again another batch and she said we have to finish it all in an instant because it will just go wasted. So we tried, there’s a durian flavor, mango, buko salad and a lot more, I think there were 8 flavors in one container. I was in awe, and then I woke up.

Just the other night, I dream of a big house, that house was not even familiar. It was a 2 story house, when I went inside I saw my sister who is in Singapore to work now. She told me that we just move in to that house, I said I was just gone for an hour and we already move out from the house that I rented, she said she immediately transferred all the things because that big house is for free. It has been years that no one lives there and the owner said that we could occupy the house for free. Thus, I was like okay, I roam around the house, then one of my sisters approach me that they just had a business and she earned like P3, 600.00 for one day. I went to the kitchen; I saw some old people playing the tong its, 3 old people were sitting on the other table trying to win each of their game cards. And on the other table, there were 4 old people playing the same thing. There’s an old lady there who also played the game card who keeps on talking to me that I should not be worried because there were many neighbors I could talk to or ask for help if I need some. Beside that old lady, there’s a toilet bowl, I feel like to pee so I peed there with those four old people around. Weird isn’t it? I will have to give you the meaning on my other blog.

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  1. kim says:

    ngek!! ok, i'll check it out..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Woman on P. Florentino?