Thanks PHIC!

If it was not because of my insurance in Phil Health, I could have paid the whole amount of P9, 000 plus of the Mj’s bill in the hospital. I have decided to continue my contribution in Phil Health after a few months of my resignation at the call center. It was proven that in terms of hospitalization, this insurance could really helped me a lot, the first time was that when My was diagnosed of Dengue. But because I am a member of the Phil Health insurance, we just paid the half of the bill and yesterday I was still able to use it even though I am not connected to any company anymore. I voluntarily paid my contribution for emergency purposes. I immediately got all the requirements needed so I can use my insurance upon checked out and I was not wrong to gather it all on Friday because the Doctor approved us for check out on Saturday and during Saturdays, PHIC is not open.
The bill was almost P10, 000, the deduction for PHIC members, is P5, 000.00. I just paid P4, 369.80. So if you don’t have the PHIC insurance you should not think twice to be a member, because it does really help us.

One Response to “Thanks PHIC!”

  1. Mel Cole says:

    How Manu years have you been subs robed to Phil health? Yes, when it comes to hospital bill, heth insurance can help has us that way. We got trouble with ours a few weeks after my second baby got discharged from the Nicu hospital. Tha bill was around $15,000 dollars. Our insurance company was slow in including our son's name with my huband's insurance company and it took 3 months for them to process it. We got nervous because if we had no insurance, where would we get such big amount of money? But thank God, it got solved now.