Planning For A Getaway

This is what I like being at the club, we were able to go some places during competition. Just yesterday, we learned that there will be a competition on December in Manila and we are planning to go there. We are just waiting for a confirmation of the venue, but if not my friend and I are planning to book for Singapore. Actually, she supposed to book our flight last month because she has learned that there will be a discount rate in Cebu Pacific back and forth, but when she tried to make a reservation, the flight going back home has already been taken and it was replaced with very expensive booking fee. So she stopped and said we will just wait for another discount rate online. So we are hoping if we can’t make it in Manila, we probably we shall going to book for Singapore.

5 Responses to “Planning For A Getaway”

  1. gengen says:

    I like this too pahayahay ba heheh…Need gyd ni nako hayyy…Thanks for coming to my site girl…Have a great day.

  2. kimmy says:

    awwww… well, good luck on your booking..

  3. Dhemz says:

    ayay! trip to singapore sounds exciting….labay ko dire mamiAnne!

  4. vending companies says:

    Good luck to you.You planning well,have lot of fun there.It help you to reduce stress and make you clam and fresh.

  5. Mel Cole says:

    Wow one of the places I want to see is Singapore especially that they have a beautiful Disney world there. Go go go mommy Anne and goodluck in your airplane booking.