Pain in the Butt

I didn’t know that to join the DCAA meet is a pain in the butt not the competition but the school. It was early August that I’d been asking and inquiring about the requirements so on and so forth. They keep on telling me that they will give me updates but it is already at the last week of September yet the school doesn’t seem to care at all. They just want recognition but when there’s a need for them to at least provide some information about the requirements, they just don’t comply it or even help the parents for the forms. 
This afternoon, I was so pissed off with their response when I ask them of the entry forms and the requirements, they just told me that they are not concentrating on our event but in another event. I flared up and answered her sarcastically. I mean, come on, every kids has potential so even if she got awards or not with the previous competitions they attended to, they should support them because they exerted their effort and they prepared for this event. Why can’t they see that? They just let the parents took the responsibility while they should be the one to provide all the necessary information. 
Now with my co-parent when they asked to pay some fees to be a member in a unit, the school suddenly told my friend that they will not pay for it because the school does not have funds for the said event. What happen to our sports or miscellaneous fees, are they just directed to each pocket of those who were at the position? Those funds supposed to be spending for any sports that the students are joining, so if there’s a need to pay to be included in a unit so the kid can participate, the school should shoulder the expenses. 
Bantay lang lagig makadaug!

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