Ms. Universe 2011

I am not really into watching beauty contest, because of the thrills and the shout outs in FB. I have convinced myself to watch just like the Ms. Universe from last year and this year. Yet, while watching the Ms. Universe, I can’t help to go back to my computer and read some updates from friends shout outs in Facebook so even though we were 30 minutes late here, I already knew that Ms. Philippines was included in top 16, then top 10, and top 5. I was disappointed that Shamcey was not able to get the crown, but even so, I am still so proud of her achievements. She definitely nailed it especially during the Q and A portion, she was the only one who doesn’t need an interpreter and she answered it straight. Congratulations Shamcey, for us you are our Ms. Universe.

One Response to “Ms. Universe 2011”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You're right we should accept that Shamcey got 3rd runner up it's still something to be proud of. We should not blame the judges and Ms. Angola. Shamcey got thrd because it was meant to be.