My day is complete because I was able to go to church today with my sister, her son, my kids and my niece Mariel. I have to thank my sister because she keeps on calling me and asked me to get ready for church, I also have to practice driving going to church, thank GOD we get home safe after the church. 
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I thank GOD for 2 years of being married and I am counting for more, my husband has been very good to me although there are times I would argue with him during chat for some reason, he would just listen and would understand me most of the time. But lately he has been calling me the Ms. Worrier even the people from the IM has tag me that. LOL

One Response to “Complete”

  1. Mel Cole says:

    That's the spirit mommy, be positive despite of all the trials in your married life. Mrs. Worrier dish ka, prihas ta. Happy wedding anniversary to both of you!