Affordable Room Rates

I just went to Pinnacle Hotel; actually I did not plan to go there because I have to go to SSS to pay my contributions, but darn I was late again so instead of wasting my time going there, I dropped by at the Pinnacle Hotel instead. 
 The hotel was huge, it is even bigger than of Apo View Hotel and yet their hotel room’s rate is only 2,500 for the standard and for the twin it is 2,800.00. Actually, there are in promo right now, so I guess my kids and I will stay there for 2 days on my wedding anniversary. I guess my husband could not again be with us; it has been 2 years since we did not see each other. I know we can chat everyday and we can talk over the phone twice in a day, but for me it is not enough. We still need him here; I still need a husband who is always around me. Oh well, for now I can’t do anything to that but to wait. I wonder how long should I wait.
 I am still contemplating of where could I celebrate it, of course I’ll be having some friends with me on that day. Have a nice dinner perhaps, I have to budget the meal yet though.

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