The 50 Meters Pool in Marbel

Last week, our team went to South Cotabato to experience the 50 meters pool, we didn’t have the standard size here in the city so we have to travel for four hours just for the kids to train. In the video, they were reprimanded by their coach for the IM, but it seems like they were asking the same old questions even they already tried that how many times. Anyway, I just would like to congratulate Davao Sea Lions Swim Club for a job well done, especially to my daughter.

3 Responses to “The 50 Meters Pool in Marbel”

  1. Dhemz says:

    I saw the whole video….:) ang galing naman ni MJ>..way to go…kalayo ba diay sa byahe….:)

  2. A Woman's Note says:

    hay sus, kalayo ba tawon sa venue oi..wa pa tawon ko kaabot dihang dapita…kutob ra ko sa Toril hehe…anyway, congrats kay MJ for the job well done.

  3. devorelebeaumonstre. says:

    nice! x

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