Plumbing Repair For This House

Winter can be tough, our frozen pipes ruptured and the plumber we called was on the job an hour later and the pipes were fixed.
A couple of years ago, I forgot to disconnect the water hose from the external faucet and water froze in the pipes causing a rupture. We found out when we went to use it water was leaking from the wall in into the garage. I was not real happy with this but I made a call and the plumber was on site repairing the rupture.
I always use the same plumber when I have plumbing repair that needs to be done. This house is an older house (built in 1971) and as things wear out I have had to call for faucet repair and replacement and work in the toilets when they were not functioning properly. I have had shower fixtures replaced and even replaced the kitchen sink.
Living near the water and having a septic tank instead of being connected to the city sewage system means I have to make sure it does not back up. This happened once, just after I bought the house, I was not informed that the septic system was due to be pumped. Well fortunately, there was not significant damage and my favorite plumber was more than capable to making sure there were no lingering blockages.
I consider myself pretty hand with doing some jobs around the house, however plumbing is not one of them. When I tried to replace the internal workings of one of the toilets, I got leaks from the tank. It took the plumber about 15 minutes to fix my goofs.
It may appear that I have had a lot of problems with plumbing in this house, but I have been here a long time and the plumber has never had to fix the same problem twice. I like my house and I am very happy with my local rotor rooter plumber.

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