Nostalgia # 18 : First Family Picture

This was our first picture together as a family, Mj was only 5 years old at this time. The one who took this picture was my niece who was only 12 years old at that time. Now she is already 16 years old and in college and Mj is already 10 years old and a swimmer.


7 thoughts on “Nostalgia # 18 : First Family Picture

  1. wow, times flew by wonderfully..super grown up na ngayon si MJ and a swimmer pa..

    nice family picture of you nd your family sis

  2. awww… kasweet oi… kataw-anan ma ni si Kat oi.. hahah.. sa betlog man jud… hhahah… wala pa jud ta nagkita Ann ba.. Eb ta uban si Kat… hehehe..

  3. wow! parang kelan lang mamiAnne ano?! 10 pa day na si MJ? sos, abi ko ba ug 13 na…ehehhee…taas man jud sya sa iyang age.

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