Nostalgia # 16 : Best of Pal

The two kids in front is my nephew and of course my daughter, they had been best of friends since then. For my daughter, her cousin is her protector when she was only 4 years old. My nephew is always on the rescue when my daughter got in trouble with her friends.

My nephew is the one who always understand, when my daughter would ask him a favor. He would always do it. My daughter is also his audience when he likes to dance; he showed her his dance steps but never are we. And when he cracks some jokes, my daughter is always the first one who would laugh.

From then on until now they are always the best of pal, even how busy my daughter is, my nephew would always wait for her at home on Saturday so they could play with Faith.


6 thoughts on “Nostalgia # 16 : Best of Pal

  1. At least may bodyguard din yung daughter mo, hehe. what a great bonding! visiting from my nostalgia entry. and thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. hahaha…naa diay gwardiya si Faith inig dalaga lol. btw: katawa ko sa imo comment Anne, nga ang manok, mura ug manok ni San Pedro hahahaha.

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