All Kids Are Special

Kids are different, sometimes they are academically inclined yet they are not into sports and they are not into academics but they are good in sports or arts. Parents should be very supportive on kids want for their lives not just help him to be competitive. I should admit that my eldest daughter is not much into academics I mean she can cope up especially the Math subject but I know so well she can explore more in other activities so I tried to enroll or engaged her to sports. The one that she suggested is swimming, everyone in my family know she loves water even when she’s only a year old then, she never get too scared to be put on a sea water. Parents should know the capabilities of the kids deeply, I mean not only that you want him to be but also what she wants to be. We are just there to give them a hand of applause when they achieve their own dreams and not our dream for them to be. It is important to know the kids beyond so you can understand them, remember all kids are special.

One Response to “All Kids Are Special”

  1. Satellite dish says:

    There are enough special teenagers at my school that can fit in 4 of those buses. Why not give them the bigger ones then. Is it because shorter buses give the driver more control? or safety reasons.