A Very Inspiring Movie

After the “Every Child is Special” I can’t help but to search what other movies does Aamir Khan have and somebody told me about 3 idiots. This guy really rock, I love the way he acts and he can sing too. The one that really touches my heart is the song “All is Well”

He quoted
Rancho: That day I understood that this heart scares easily. You have to trick it, however big the problem is. Tell your heart, ‘Pal, all is well. All is well.’

Raju: Does that solve the problem?

Rancho: No, but you gain courage to face it.

Here’s MTV of the All is Well, with English subtitle, just click the cc at the right bottom and the subtitle will show up.

2 Responses to “A Very Inspiring Movie”

  1. bj says:

    I don't know these movies…

    Thanks for coming by. Come again soon.
    xo bj

  2. villa rentals says:

    So you really saw "3 Idiots" ? Its simply an awesome movie, I would say.