Nostalgia # 19 : Engagement Party

Sometimes things happen by accident. On a day back in ****** a friend told me about ***** an online ******. I thought I would check it out. And as luck would have it after a couple of weeks and making a few new friends I saw a one young woman in there talking about aliens. When I looked at her photo she had a flower in her hair. I was impressed by her profile. It seemed very sincere.
Well I talked to her privately via the ******. And I began to know her better. I learned that her birthday was on **** 23rd and I tried to send her some flowers. As it has been with us from the beginning, the flowers and chocolates got there a few days late. By this time I had already developed feelings for her, but at first she was not interested in being “pursued.”
I was persistent and in early November while snoring I got a call at midnight from her. She said “promise you will never leave me.” Since that time I have come to know and love her more. Through many trials and tribulations I have finally made it do Davao to meet ****, MJ and the rest of her family. We have always been good together even when chatting on the net. And even though she was late greeting me at the airport. I did not give her “palo.” I will let MJ and Marielle do it for me. I have learned that Anne, is cute and sweet and very very makulit. I also know she is the best thing that has come into my life. I look forward to many happy years with her and MJ.

My husband wrote the letter above on our engagement party, he reads that letter in front of our guests. The celebration was so simple, but the foods were so yummy and the guests enjoyed the games that we hosted.

My husband is the man of my dreams; I never thought I could never meet a man like him. He understands, he is so patient with me, and he loves me more than anything. I always thank GOD for giving him to me. We also had shortcomings but we always overcome it and I am looking forward for us to be together forever.

I always love you hon.

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  1. Awww such a loving letter your hubby wrote Anne. You don't want to be pursued pala aha? hehehe… Kami alang engi engagement, tuloy tuloy sa kasalan hahaha..

  2. he looked so sincere and im sure you'll live a happy life together and the kids.

    good luck always, anne.

    tnx for the drop on m nostalgia:)

  3. awwwzzz…ang haba ng hair mo Anne..hehe ka sweet diay ni hubby…ako na kay balik-balikon jud nako na ug basa hehehe. oi, stariray man pod diay ng usa diha sa itaas…hehehe

  4. That was so sweet of him, Anne. You're one blessed soul.

    Cherish the love that you've got for each other. Not everyone is blessed with the love of their lives.



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