Happy Kadayawan Davao

Today marks the kadayawan festival of Davao, although the weather did not cooperate but it did not stop the fun this morning in downtown. I was not able to go to where the street dancing was held because I was too busy attending my eldest daughter at the pool, yet nobody can stop me to greet the whole city a Happy Kadayawan Davao, I know you were bombarded with calamity recently but no matter what happen, you were able to stand up together with the people who were affected with the huge flood. I am so proud I live here in Davao and so let me greet you again Happy Kadayawan to all Davaoenos.

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  1. I'm two days late from the start of the Kadayawan Festival celebration. It started yesterday until on the 22nd, Sunday. Unfortunately, time didn't permit me to go back to my hometown. But anyway, I can still witness the festival through live video streaming and website updates here on the Net. So to contribute some updates I might as well give you some information about this great annual festival in Davao.

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