What a Life!

I am again here using my mini laptop my other laptop tends to be slow. I have it defrag already, it still the same, the google chrome seems not working at all. I guess I have to force myself to be comfortable with Mozilla Firefox as of the moment until I figure out what happen to my computer.

Oh my god! What a way when life just joke at you like that, I was just complaining my other computer a while ago and now I think my charger for my mini laptop is not working anymore, I have to send it to computer shop immediately, yet what hinders me is I don’t have the budget yet. Life is just so hard sometimes.

2 thoughts on “What a Life!

  1. Hindi ka nag-iisa Anne..hehehe…di bale, tomorrow, araw na natin…."think positive" 'ika nga..hehe…agi ko.

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