I am glad that my husband was able to go out just before the 4th of July, he had a dinner with his friends at Clarke’s Landing Restaurant, there are only few times that he will go out with his friends and I am glad he decided to at least unwind this time. He was home at 8:00 p.m., and he sends me some pictures of the foods and the place and the couple, but he doesn’t have a picture of him, lol. Oh well, he is a camera shy, he will never have one for himself unless I’ll be the one to take a picture of him while he’s here. I love you hon!

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  1. underfloor heating says:

    i love your mini story..cool

  2. underfloor heating says:

    Really you both means you and your husband are love with each other ..i really like your love ..good bless you make a happy life..