Nostalgia # 14 : Roswell

I just feel so devastated right now, I thought I have done I need to do before I shut off the computer to sleep. Now, this morning I found out I did not post my entry for

Geez, how could I forget that while I already have in mind what to post here? Anyway, on that note, you know how I am hooked up with Roswell nowadays; my husband gave the tape to me 3 years ago. He gave the season one then.
At first, I didn’t like to watch it, as I’ve seen the package and it was for teens. But then my husband was so persistent, he would even start pressing the pause button whenever I am not watching, like if I was doing something in the kitchen. One day my niece Mariel watched the series with us, she was starting to hooked up with it too, then my husband would press the pause button for a while because I was attending Faith, he told her we should wait for your Aunt so she could watch it too. So since they were already hooked up, I tried to concentrate watching it and yeah, I can’t get enough with Season 1 I have to go through so my husband bought me the Season 2 and Season 3, the final episode. This is really even better than of the vampires out there, ya know? So I guess aliens are great. They should make a film on this one with the same actors, this is really great. However this may not come true if we won’t sign a petition here.
That was three years ago, and I didn’t expect that when I was browsing the you tube and saw the pilot episode, I got hooked with it again. And I am planning to finish the whole of it, now I am ready to watch the season 2.
If you haven’t watched the Roswell, you may want to try the pilot episode, where it all did started. Shocks, I really love the way Max eyes, whenever he looks. My goodness!

7 Responses to “Nostalgia # 14 : Roswell”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Wahhh hala pinapanood mo ko ito lol,. maganda nga ang istorya hehehehe.. upload mo karugtong lol.. Oiist okay lang late entry, open naman for so many days ang linky eh.

  2. imriz says:

    the real roswell incident remains a mystery until now. this tv series became a hit because max, aside from his oozing sex appeal, his life is roswell-like. katherine heigl is really cute on the series:)

  3. lina@women's perspectives says:

    Some Roswell episodes have ever been played here, in one TV station. You make want to see all episodes 🙂

  4. genny says:

    nice ni sya ann? pahiram daw.hehehe

  5. Dhemz says:

    parang napanood ko to dati…ehehehe!

  6. A Woman's Note says:

    waaaaa samot di ko mutan-aw ana kay series man diay…kapuyan man ko…ako gina tan-aw Anne kay 100 days ra jud hahaha.

  7. Cookie says:

    haven't watched this show but am intrigued. Might check it out. Thanks for sharing your views on this show..parang kasing interesting 😉
    late visiting from my Nostalgia entry.