Neat and Tidy

I always taught my eldest daughter to obey me, and to help me especially during Sundays. And I hate it when she just opens her eyes and after like a couple of minutes she would turn the TV on to watch her favorite shows. I mean, hello! I only have two hands and two legs; I need somebody to help me do the chores. Sister Merlyn is not here since it’s Sunday, I asked her to arrange our DVD’s in the cabinet but she was like murmuring of something and I just hate it, I could not just let it passed by, so I confront her and told her I was not happy with her attitude. We had arguments, we fought, and I feel like I was totally doomed. It is always like this every time we argue, I get so tired and I feel helpless. I just could not understand why she can’t arrange the DVD’s while it is the only one I asked her to do, oh well besides her bedroom that it has been like there’s always a war going on because of the things she just scattered on the floor and on the bed. Books, dirty clothes, swim materials, bags and the like. I know she’s only 10 years old, but she needs to learn to be neat and tidy, and she has to begin right now.

One Response to “Neat and Tidy”

  1. Spanish Pinay says:

    Just be patient mommy and try to be consistent 🙂 *hugs*

    Spanish Pinay