My Today’s Agenda

I just had a very busy day today, but it was all worth it. I was able to visit a friend who was affected by the flood, I am glad that she is not feeling down anymore, that’s what I adore about her because no matter what happen she still have a very positive point of view about life. What’s matter was that no one got hurt or injured during that incident
After I visited her, I went to the newest mall here in our place to meet up a high school friend, for so many years we haven’t seen each other and last week, when I tried to search her on facebook finally I found her. So we set up a meeting and that happens today.

4 Responses to “My Today’s Agenda”

  1. Janeth says:

    a long day must have been;) but important is you make used of your time in good way:)

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  2. kat says:

    kaayo ra aning usa kay galaag laag pa hehehe

  3. The Twerp and I says:

    It's always good to have a positive outlook. When all else fails, it can carry you through.

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