I Can Tell

You would really know when a person is telling lies or not because when they are telling the truth, you would feel something that is so different, you will be touch and somehow you wish that you can help more, not only with prayers but also at least give the person some help.
We took a taxi cab this afternoon to get home, I was with my kids and Faith keep on telling me that she needs to throw out the candy wrapper in the window, I told her she can’t because somebody might get mad of her if she does that. So we need to find a trash can for her candy wrapper, she asked where’s the trash can mama? The taxi driver noticed it, and amazed of Faith speaking in English. He asked me how old is she; I told him she is only 3 years old.
Later, he told me that his son was sent to the hospital this morning, it has been 5 days that he got a fever but it was only today he was able to send him for a check up. He only got a job now because the taxi that he used to drive before was in the repair shop for overhaul; the taxi was included in the flood that happens here recently. So he went to look for another job, good thing that when he tried yesterday, there was one available unit for him so he hurriedly drive for it and luckily he got 500 pesos for him to send his son to the doctor. The doctor then told him, the kid needs to be admitted in the hospital for dengue fever. He only got 14 numbers of platelets and when he and his wife sent him to a government hospital, it became 11. He could not even buy a Durian for his kid, a Durian is a fruit known to boost up the platelet and it is too pricey nowadays because it is not the season for it yet. He was able to find two persons for blood donations yet he needs to pay a certain amount for the hospital to push through the blood transfusion.
I am a kind of person who doesn’t believe easily but when he told me about his son and the dengue fever, I was totally moved. I know the feeling when your kids are sick, you could not even sleep because you want them to be well before you can rest. I know that I only gave him a little but I hope that helps him to buy his son some medicines or durian. The bill was only 120.00 pesos and I gave him 200.00, I know, I know that it was nothing but as soon as he receives that, he drove fast back to the hospital, I pray for his son recovery. And I hope he can get a lot of passengers now so he can pay that amount for blood transfusion.

5 Responses to “I Can Tell”

  1. Spanish Pinay says:

    Small amount can go a long way. I do hope the driver's son would get better… And I do hope that more people would take the same road you did. You were a good example to your child.

    Spanish PinaySmall amount can get a long way. I do hope the driver's son would get better… And I do hope that more people would take the same road you did. You were a good example to your child.

    Spanish Pinay

  2. jellybelly says:

    It's so sad hearing stories like these. We want to do more to help but every one is struggling with the difficult economy. I sure hope his son gets well.

    The Twerp and I

  3. Dhemz says:

    sad to hear about his story…I hope his kid is ok….you did a good deed Anne!

  4. imriz says:

    whether he's telling the truth or not…it's not our burden…what's important is, you did the best u could to help.

  5. A Woman's Note says:

    pagka buotan sa mommy diri..kalooy pod tawon sa driver, sus di baya jud basta-basta ang dengue…