GPS For His Motorcycle

My husband tells me there are several of his co-workers that ride motorcycles to and from work and for leisure. Recently one of his colleagues took a road trip to Maine on his motorcycle. He mentioned how much easier it would have been if you would have had a GPS for his motorcycle. He was asking if anybody knew where to buy motorcycle gps at the source. Well, I am sure that one of his other coworkers might know. It seems that a lot of the conversation at the Friday breakfasts he attends is about motorcycles, where to buy items for them and nice places to go and motorcycle rallies.

2 Responses to “GPS For His Motorcycle”

  1. ToTo Antonio says:

    Hi Anne. There's a gps for automotive and these can be used for motorcycle as long as you have a good and stable power source. Car's voltage requirements are usually at 12v while an MT has 6v requirements.

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  2. tampa construction says:

    +1 to the Zumo, but you may not have 500 bucks to spend on a GPS. Garmin makes a number of handheld models that are street route capable, but they may not be as easy to use. It really depends on the balance of user friendliness/cost you're comfortable with. Check out Garmin's website or a sporting goods store and ask someone that works there to show you what each unit can do.