We went out from the club house where our kids training was held, we go to the mall so we could withdraw some money because we decided to have lunch at the clubhouse. When we were at the mall, my friend invited me to eat some siomai, when I ate siomai, I always ordered the pork and shrimp, my friend told me to try the Japanese Siomai as it has a different delectable taste, it is spicy but you would still crave for more. Oh well, I ordered twice so that’s 8 pieces all in all, my friend finished like 12 pieces of it minus one because she gave me one and the other one that was unintentionally dropped in the floor, too late when we tried to catch it up because it can no longer be saved.

One Response to “Delightful”

  1. ladyguinevere28 says:

    true enough.. japanese soamai is my son's favorite and turn out my favorite as well..