Badly Needed That Space

It was such a looong day today, I went to the car shop to return the headlight of my car and exchange it with the right one. Then I supposed to go to the dentist but I was running out of time to meet my sister who was already waiting for me at the mall. So I called my dentist and postponed my appointment, I went to the mall to meet my sister to talk about our contributions for my Dad’s memorial, we are going to transfer his remains to a private memorial park since the one that he had was already demolished. We were trying to reach out with the person who is going to sell her loan at that memorial park that we prospected but we just ended up going to the cemetery and checked the loan that she is selling, the place is quiet good, it is near at the river and what is best for it was it is just a block away where my uncle and auntie were buried. It was indeed a plus factor for us, so we went ahead to meet the owner, she would like to sell that because she would like to apply for another one near at the mall, I don’t know what made her decide to sell the loan that she applied before, maybe she would like to make a peep at the mall when she rested or go shopping whenever she wants to, does ghost really roam around?

Anyway, it is none of our business to find out, we are most concerned how much would she sell that to us, we already have the money and we are hoping she would charge us not that much. As we really badly needed that space for my Dad and thus we can transfer him immediately.

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