Don’t Know What To Do, Really!

There are times, oh well actually always when I thought I got so many things to do yet I have to divide my time to do all the things I wanna do. Are you getting that? Not me, well, anyway, yeah just like a while ago, I know I want to watch a movie but I ended up plugging the magic sing, and started singing out loud. I hope I did not disturb my neighbor, they might be wondering where’s that cow came from?
I felt bored suddenly but then my youngest came to join me, so I feel like teasing her, I did not give her the mic, silly mom! But then since my sister have to use the rice cooker, I have to end my concert right away because she need to plug it in the extension the one I am using for magic jack.
I know I wanted to watch the Roswell season 2 but there’s one DVD I bought last week that I haven’t watch yet, I have to watch that first otherwise it will be another DVD that I will be just stocking up inside the cabinet if ever I would miss this day to watch it. It is like I really have to see it or never see it at all, as if there is somebody who will stop me to do that except myself. After watching, I am so ready to watch the Roswell again but my daughter here switch the channel to Disney Channel and the High school musical is on it. I am actually tired, I feel like this is not the best time to watch Roswell, I need to sleep early because until now my tooth is still aching, one blog to go and I am ready to rest at least.

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