Archive for July 21st, 2011

My Tummy Aches

Started this morning, my tummy aches on and off, I thought it will just pass by but later this afternoon, it gets worst after I ate a bihon noodles. I guess that was called karma because I have told the kids not to eat anything since they have to go back to the pool yet, there was lightning so they were told to get up from the pool. After a while, their coach asked them to go back for their training, good thing the rain subsides and the lightning stops.

Does He Smoke?

My husband has a friend who loves to smoke premium cigars. We even gave him a box of cigars from here the Philippines and he really like them, but he really likes Central American and Caribbean cigars. Those areas are famous for their cigar products and brands such as arturo fuente cigars are ones he really likes. My husband has smoked an occasional cigar with his friend but I don’t like kissing him if he does. No, I am just kidding, he never smoke or at least I never saw him even once; he doesn’t even like the taste of a beer. But anyway, what do you think?