I am so happy that I have given few task to do last night, I have seen it in the morning though but we were in a hurry to go out in the house since we are already getting late from my eldest daughter’s training. Faith was still asleep so my sister hurriedly took out all the dirty clothes to start her laundry. When we arrived home yesterday afternoon, I am starting to do the task one by one and finished it late last night, I never had the chance to watch that drama series my eldest daughter is watching, she keeps on calling me and said she wanna be like that but not the end part because the man had a cancer and his leg must be cut out, he won a lot in biking and went to a lot of different countries to compete, but he encountered an accident in Malaysia, when he went back in the Philippines he suddenly complaining something on her leg, the doctor advised him for operation on his leg and that they needed to cut it out. Of course he was devastated to know it, yet at the end as he tried his best recover even without the leg, there’s one thing he had learned, with or without legs, life must go on. Take note I didn’t watch this one but hear the story from my bedroom plus Mj keeps on explaining to me what happen so I was able to make this post.
Moreover, I am so thankful that my favorite paid site did not forgot all about me when they pour a lot of rains yesterday, thank you so much. Now, I’ll be able to help my husband in our next bills.

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