We Are Soaring

It is so nice to see that our club is now progressing, we have many members now. So to those who criticized us, watch out because we are going to soar.
Last summer, as the kids were on training for their competition in Milo, we talked about putting a club of our own. But of course there are many things we have to consider so we can’t just pursue that. What matters for us at that time, is to join the competition that we had prepared a year ago, so even if we travel like two hours just for the kids to train, we sacrificed for it. It was just when we went to the venue where the competition was held, there were some people who are so selfish who can’t just let us go. And the people whom I thought was our friends support the false accusation. They know so well what kind of person we were dealing last year, and now it seems like everything just turn so upside down. Anyway, well, karma goes around, comes around because look who was some sort of “blocked” right now? So I gave you my real hard laugh, hahahahaha!!!!!

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