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We went out from the club house where our kids training was held, we go to the mall so we could withdraw some money because we decided to have lunch at the clubhouse. When we were at the mall, my friend invited me to eat some siomai, when I ate siomai, I always ordered the pork and shrimp, my friend told me to try the Japanese Siomai as it has a different delectable taste, it is spicy but you would still crave for more. Oh well, I ordered twice so that’s 8 pieces all in all, my friend finished like 12 pieces of it minus one because she gave me one and the other one that was unintentionally dropped in the floor, too late when we tried to catch it up because it can no longer be saved.

GPS For His Motorcycle

My husband tells me there are several of his co-workers that ride motorcycles to and from work and for leisure. Recently one of his colleagues took a road trip to Maine on his motorcycle. He mentioned how much easier it would have been if you would have had a GPS for his motorcycle. He was asking if anybody knew where to buy motorcycle gps at the source. Well, I am sure that one of his other coworkers might know. It seems that a lot of the conversation at the Friday breakfasts he attends is about motorcycles, where to buy items for them and nice places to go and motorcycle rallies.

We Are Soaring

It is so nice to see that our club is now progressing, we have many members now. So to those who criticized us, watch out because we are going to soar.
Last summer, as the kids were on training for their competition in Milo, we talked about putting a club of our own. But of course there are many things we have to consider so we can’t just pursue that. What matters for us at that time, is to join the competition that we had prepared a year ago, so even if we travel like two hours just for the kids to train, we sacrificed for it. It was just when we went to the venue where the competition was held, there were some people who are so selfish who can’t just let us go. And the people whom I thought was our friends support the false accusation. They know so well what kind of person we were dealing last year, and now it seems like everything just turn so upside down. Anyway, well, karma goes around, comes around because look who was some sort of “blocked” right now? So I gave you my real hard laugh, hahahahaha!!!!!

Lacking Vitality

Sometimes I do not have a lot of energy. The kids keep me busy. Running a house and having two active daughters can really wear me out. I do my best to take care of them and meet their needs, but there are times that I just lack the vitality to do so. I don’t think there is a medical problem, I think it is just a problem of not seeming to have enough time to do all the things I need to and to do some things I want. I need a check-up with the doctor, I have been putting it off, but I know I need to make an appointment and go. Maybe I need to see somebody like a Thyroid doctor austin, or just get a regular checkup to see what it would take for me to feel more energetic and get my get up and go back. I am doing my best for the kids but at times it seems that there is not just enough time in the day to do what they want and get enough rest.