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Nostalgia # 12 : Amigo

One of my favorite subjects when I was still in college is Jose Rizal, I was able to finished reading the Jose Rizal book, and the whole content of it amazes me. I love history as well but the book was so thick and the letters were so little, so I did not finished that one, yet I learned that the ship of Magellan was first landed somewhere in Butuan and not in Cebu.
When I watched the Forever and a day of KC and Sam Milby last month, one of the trailers that the cinema showed us was the movie trailer of Amigo. It is the untold story of war between the Philippines and America, I am not sure how would you conclude the flow of the story of the movie but one thing for sure is that we somehow need to educate what happens in the past, I have nothing against them, yet I really like to watch the movie.
Many criticize the movie, it was not really deliberately hidden but for sure I guess it was not tackle during college or maybe I was absent during that time? Anyhow if you happen to be curious about the film you might want to try to watch it, but you have to watch it maturely, it is really not against them but to just learn and understand about the history of the Philippines.
FYI: The director of the movie is John Sayles
Producer: Maggie Renzi
The Leading Actor: Joel Torre
The movie trailer:
The interview of the director John Sayles