Just Beautiful : Clarke’s Landing Restaurant

Remember I have mentioned before about my husband’s dinner with friends? Oh well, he was able to take pictures of the surroundings and these pictures above is in front of the restaurant. This is an amazing place to dine with; the beaches and the breeze from the sea would make you eat more. Do you notice that? Every time you go to the beach for a party perhaps and there are some sumptuous foods on the table, you can’t just resist the temptations.
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  1. It's always nice to be in a place where it has a gorgeous view like this. Kadtong bisita mi ug Florida mommy Anne B kalami naman jud ikaon ug paniguro inig adto mi ug restaurant kay lami kaayo ang view pati ang pagkaon kay fresh. hehehe.. VIsiting!

    Adin B

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