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MAKATI POLICE. This msg is for every girl who goes out from h0me, 0ffice or school alone. if you find any child crying on the road showing his address & asks you to take him to that address, take the child to the police station & dont take him to that address. Its a new way of gang, to RAPE women/teenage girls. Pls forward 2 all female or boys having sisters/gf. Our 1 msg may save a million. PLEASE SPREAD!

This is from FB, I am not sure if this is true but whatever it is, this campaign should be spread so there will be no victims if this is their modus operandi to hurt somebody. It is just so depressing that they would use somebody just to victimize some innocent people who only wanted to help.

Everyone should be careful now, even the one who ask for your help are kids.

This culprit would also use some kids to rob somebody house or stores; they would let the kids get into a small hole so they would open the door for them.

Tsk, tsk, tsk…

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