Nostalgia # 10 : Belly Dancing Attire

This was my belly dancing attire, I joined a certain group on summer and they planned to join a competition for belly dancing last May. I really don’t like to join but they put me on the list, since then I thought to stop going there, yet I enjoyed it so much. So I changed my mind, I continue the belly dancing workshops. On the other hand, there were some circumstances I encountered to make me stop, although I miss it but we have no choice, my schedule got too hectic. Sigh!


11 Responses to “Nostalgia # 10 : Belly Dancing Attire”

  1. genny says:

    naa ka pic nga suot nimo ni ann? pwede view?wahhh

  2. Adin B says:

    I want to go to a belly dancing class after I give birth. I love belly dancing! Nice pod ang costume. hehehe…

    Adin B

  3. Vhen says:

    wow, sayang naman tumigil ka… cute ng attire ha… mahirap ba mag belly dance? hehe curious lang!

    see yah!

  4. imriz says:

    wow, naman kasexy naman nyang costume nayan. kasya sakin yan, sa isang legs lang, nyahaha. wonder, where's the foto of u into that costume? uber sexiness siguro.

  5. STEF says:

    Oh I'd like to learn belly dancing too. Here is my entry for this week. Hope can drop by my site. Thanks and see you!

  6. Russ says:

    Anne are you going to show us pictures of you in your costume? I bet you are as cute as a butterfly.

  7. Vernz says:

    di jud ko kapasa ani Ann. nganu daghan kung stretch marks hahaha.. labay ko for nostalgia…

  8. chubskulit says:

    I bet belly dancing is so much fun Anne, kaya naman pala sexy ka pa rin hehehe..

  9. Grace Arreza says:

    wow galing mo! ganda ng attire sis ah 😀

  10. tejan says:

    wow anne you can belly dance??..hehe..nice naman:)visiting from nostalgia..see yah:)

  11. architects says:

    i am serious and sincere about learning Belly Dance. But, I would like to wear girly attire, like Tights / Flared Yoga Pants, Crop Top & Rectangular Hip Scarf / Skirt and learn to Belly Dance in a feminine way and blend in with the rest of the girls in the class….