I Could Not Stay Anymore Outside In The House

I went out alone to see my dentist today, I am glad that the work she had done for my teeth was not that expensive so I have still some money left for my kids, I planned to buy a jogging pants and white shirt for Faith and a rubber shoes for Mj, I supposed to buy a new wallet for me, since the one I have is already damaged but I guess that can wait, what matter is that the kids have things when they are out for school.
After my appointment to my dentist, I walk for a couple of minutes trying to figure out when would I go this time, I was thinking to text my friend but I changed my mind. Instead my feet send me where the jeepney stop is situated and went home. I just dropped by where I could buy an ice cream for my kids. Just a small treat for them for being the sweet and lovable kids I ever have!
I thought I could stay long but I just can’t anymore.

One Response to “I Could Not Stay Anymore Outside In The House”

  1. architects says:

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