Nostalgia # 10 : Belly Dancing Attire

This was my belly dancing attire, I joined a certain group on summer and they planned to join a competition for belly dancing last May. I really don’t like to join but they put me on the list, since then I thought to stop going there, yet I enjoyed it so much. So I changed my mind, I continue the belly dancing workshops. On the other hand, there were some circumstances I encountered to make me stop, although I miss it but we have no choice, my schedule got too hectic. Sigh!


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  1. I want to go to a belly dancing class after I give birth. I love belly dancing! Nice pod ang costume. hehehe…

    Adin B

  2. wow, naman kasexy naman nyang costume nayan. kasya sakin yan, sa isang legs lang, nyahaha. wonder, where's the foto of u into that costume? uber sexiness siguro.

  3. i am serious and sincere about learning Belly Dance. But, I would like to wear girly attire, like Tights / Flared Yoga Pants, Crop Top & Rectangular Hip Scarf / Skirt and learn to Belly Dance in a feminine way and blend in with the rest of the girls in the class….

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