These Two Friends

Darn, I sleep again too late last night, trying to re arrange and re organized the Meme in the wordpress. My friend Genny just told me to minimize the pictures and the posting there so we could save a lot for disc usage, I just upgraded my hosting to a wider usage but I guess if I would post things there everyday. I might run out of disc usage again, and I can’t afford to upgrade at all, I need to save!

Anyhow, I was just chatting with my husband and told him that I have a surprise for him on Father’s day, he doesn’t like the idea of giving him some gifts but I was persistent. Anyway, giving him some gifts are just so seldom, so since it would be his day on June 19, spending some gifts for him will not cause me any trouble.

I would like to say thank you to Genny for giving me some tips for saving and so as for Claire for the offer, I somehow could not change the shipping address to my husband so she offered me some help, she will be the one place an order with her paypal account to ship it to my husband’s address, I will just pay her the amount of the item and the shipping fee.

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